Is it even possible? Well, in a word… yes!

Fettucini Alfredo is not known as a particularly healthy dish. Even the original recipe without cream uses enough butter to clog one or two your arteries… But it’s so good, is there nothing I can do doctor??? Your luck comes when you realize you’re not the first one to ask this exact same question!

There are two ways to make an Alfredo dish more healthy:

  1. Remove heavy stuff
  2. Add healthy stuff

We have collected for you many variations to a classic Fettucini Alfredo meal that your doctor might like a little more. You can of course use the alfredo sauce as a simple base to add nutrients to, like proteins or vegetables. It might even be a really good way to get the kids to eat their vegetables! Asparagus or broccoli work particularly well with Alfredo. You can add chicken for proteins or fish for omega 3. You will find a lot of recipe variations on this site to give you plenty of ideas whatever you have in your fridge.

When trying on cutting the calories it might be a little more complicated. Just omitting certain heavy ingredients will make a huge difference on the fat counter but also on the flavor… some variations with alternate cheeses and low fat dairy are often your best bet, although I could not recommend to substitute pargmiggiano reggiano for anything else... to me real parmesan is the heart and soul of the Alfredo… but this is personal 🙂

The best recipe I’ve seen until now is the guiltless Alfedo Sauce. Simple enough to make, full of good ol’ Alfredo flavor, and really low on the calories!

Of course this is just a suggestion, feel free to try other recipes and give us your opinions! Please if you have a revelation, just let us know and send us your recipe so that we can add it here 🙂

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